Sea Girt Environmental has the experience to conduct a thorough Facility Wide Environmental Compliance Audit of your facility to determine compliance with the latest EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations.

If your company wants to be proactive and spot potential compliance issues before a regulatory inspection, a Facility Wide Audit is a valuable investment. An audit has several benefits that impact your company’s bottom line:

     • An audit may reduce up front and long-term costs by identifying pollution prevention and safe work practices. This will prevent future regulatory enforcement actions, lost man power hours from injuries, demonstrate compliance for insurance purposes, etc.

     • The EPA and many state environmental agencies can reduce or even waive penalties for violations that are voluntarily found, reported, and corrected based on an environmental audit.

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve to save time and money.

Facility Wide Environmental Compliance Audits are broken down into three distinct components:

Comprehensive Records Review

Sea Girt Environmental will do a general review all your EHS permits, written procedures, and compliance plan requirements. Your facility type will then be compared to state and local regulations to ensure that you have programs in place to comply all applicable rules and regulations.

Facility Assessment 

Your facility will be comprehensively inspected to determine compliance with all in place permits. The inspection will encompass a records review and a physical walk through. The records review will evaluate at least 2 years of permit and program compliance data. A facility inspection will be performed to determine whether any procedures, equipment, or additional permits are needed to meet the latest Federal, State or Local EHS rules and regulations.

Audit Report 

Sea Girt Environmental will provide a written audit report identifying areas of compliance and recommended solutions for potential non-compliance. Each potential non-compliance finding will be clearly described along with an applicable regulatory citation and be prioritized according to company risk. 

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