Why We Exist

Sea Girt Environmental, also doing business as Sea Girt Enviro was founded by Scott M. Conklin to provide public and private sector entities with professional Environmental Consulting Services which are practical and cost effective.  

The vision to create such a company was spurred by my thirty (30) years of public service experience beginning in the US Marine Corp, continuing as a New Jersey Registered Environmental Health Specialist enforcing State and Federal Environmental Laws and Regulations then finally as an Executive Environmental Manager at a Regional Wastewater Utility. 

At Sea Girt Environmental, we believe that a client’s Environmental Consultant is an asset when they provide top quality professional services.  We are passionate about our work and don’t hide behind excuses as we implement our mission to reduce managerial stress and enable a client to cost effectively achieve and maintain long term Environmental, Health, and Safety compliance.  

The name Sea Girt represents more than just part of our company name.  It is the name of a small town on the Jersey Shore that coming home to after so many years feels like you never left.  Like picking up where you left off with an old friend.  When we stay true to our mission, our clients get to experience that secure home town kind of feeling.  A reassuring feeling that a client can savor and trust with confidence that we will be there to perform quality work when they need us. 

Sea Girt Environmental stands out in the crowd of consulting firms for it is a Veteran Owned Company with a proven Leader who has figuratively walked in a client’s shoes from having years of experience as a Regulatory Enforcement Agent and as a Executive Environmental Manager of a Regional Wastewater Utilities’ Environmental Health and Safety programs.  This real life experience provides a unique connection with our clients and sustains our quest to find the right custom solution for their environmental needs. 

To meet our company's vision and mission, Sea Girt Environmental adapts to a client’s needs by dedicating any resources needed and improvises solutions to resolve our client’s environmental issues. We do not believe in the words “it can’t be done” but rather, for every problem there is one or multiple solutions so, sometimes we just have to work that much harder for our clients.